These are steps how Free Reddit Check works:

Step 1

Please contact us before ordering anything! We will review if we can help to launch your product or service. We can’t help to launch scam products, fake ICOs or etc.

Step 2

We receive startup’s product info. Then we tell you if we can help to launch it.

Step 3

If we can – we arrange Ether payment after filling the online form on our home page;

Step 4

We decide what is the best time to submit. You share us a post link (usually we refuse just a product’s homepage), if you don’t have it yet, we can suggest a good and compelling title which qualifies the best to attract attention. Then you write it (based on our recommendations). The post is just a recommendation. The post will attract more pageviews vs your product page.

Step 5

Then we submit on Reddit;

Step 6

We do the rest to get on the Reddit home page.
We don’t guarantee ANY page views but you can receive ~100,000-3,000,000 page views. It is based on time how long the listing stays on the Reddit front page. This totally depends on the community.

Step 7

If you don’t reach the front┬ápage, but still on the 2nd page, we refund 1/2 the payment.